Comment un VPN chinois débloque Youku Un VPN chinois est précisément destiné à contourner la censure d’Internet en Chine. Par exemple, il fonctionne pour lutter contre le « China’s Great Firewall » (GFW) ou le Grand Pare-feu de Chine.

幸亏,有很多方法解锁YouKu和 看 什么在网站。从儿童节目到电影和歌曲。在这文章 ,我们要谈最红和可靠的存取中国境外访问YouKu 。 使用VPN中国境外解锁Youku. 你无法访问中国境外的Youku的简单原因是它受到了中国当局的地理限制。 The IPVanish vs Windscribe match is not exactly the most balanced fight you’ll ever see. Sure, both VPN services come with attractive security features, but Youku Vpn while Windscribe has pretty much a spotless reputation, IPVanish is a notorious example Before using the VPN, close your browser and when the VPN is completely connected, open it again: this is important if you want to use Youku, Tudou, Sohu and other streaming websites; If you use VPN Area in my experience is that for Chinese servers to work you must select UDP Protocol and Port 8292. To do this you must go to “Show Dashboard vpn陷阱!美国社交网站的vpn也不可信? 使用vpn的4大好处你要懂! 关于vpn的两三事(1) vpn是什么?为何与我的私隐有关? 关于vpn的两三事(2) 并非每一个都安全又可靠?

A VPN is a simple and reliable tool that hides your IP address and can unblock streaming and any censored video content on Youku. ZenMate VPN offers 3700+ servers located in various countries worldwide, including Hong Kong, Australia, Japan, the US, the UK, Brazil, and more.

How to Unblock Youku on Android / iOS : China has banned numerous american sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Google Maps as a result China has their very own website for anything Badoo instead of Google, QQ instead of Facebook, Youku instead of YouTube. As a result billions of Chinese people use these sites everyday as these sites are written in Chinese and easy to navigate and use them Youku is China’s #1 online video and streaming service, with more than 500 million active users per month and 800 million daily video views. Not surprisingly, more people than just Chinese nationals want to use the streaming services, but the Chinese government says otherwise; blocking access to it from outside the country’s borders. Fortunately, anyone can unblock Youku with ease by using a VPN. Before you go about accessing Youku, you will need a reliable VPN, like Ivacy, to change your region for an unparalleled streaming experience. To make this possible, here is what you need to

VPNを使用してYoukuのアンブロック . 以下のメッセージは、中国外からのYouku TudouとSohuを含むすべてのビデオストリーミングサイトに配置されている地理的制限によるものです。これは、中国外からYoukuでショーやビデオを見たいと思うかもしれない信者にとって不公平に思えるかもしれません

Yes, you can watch Youku outside China withoutVPN or any proxy server even you are living outside Mainland China. Not only Youku, you can also enjoy viewing all the free movies and TV series from VQQ, iQYi,, Toudoand others, withoutusing any China IP address server. Les VPN peuvent vous permettre de protéger vos données privées et de cacher votre localisation, ce qui est exactement ce que l’on cherche à faire pour parvenir à accéder à des sites souffrant de géo-restrictions comme Youku. Si vous utilisez un VPN pour vous connecter à internet, l’adresse IP qui vous sera attribuée sera celle du Accessing Youku with a VPN. In addition to these apps and add-ons, you can also use a VPN to access the site using a Chinese IP address. Though this is a bit of a twist considering that we mostly VPN is a great tool for privacy, security and anonymity. It is also useful for unblocking blocked websites. Get & download VPN on any device, connect to China VPN server, and unblock Youku outside China. One thing you need to think before getting a VPN is that not all VPN bypass China’s Great Firewall, so make sure to check this step by step Avec l’arrivée des vacances d’été, Youku, la plateforme de vidéo chinoise, vous offre du contenu tout droit venu des États-Unis, séries télévisées, films, documentaires, talkshows, toute la télévision US est à votre portée via ce portail de vidéo.